Hey angel you duh sexay

Hej, hello, hi, konnichiwaaa. Long time no see. Well this week have been soooooo fun and sooo exiting and I've done so much thing this week i barely could keep it up. haha lol no. I've done nothing, nothing, nuffiiiiing at all. Well I regret nothing.  We have had a week off from school so yeah.  
Anyways, later i'm going to Dinas place, we're probably going to... eat... and... stuff.. eat.. and watch tv.. 

Hm what else.. Well my skin is drier than the fucking sahara dessert, long story. 

Uhm,  I think I'll wait and uptate tomorrow or when I'm back home from Dina.. 
( uhm.. okay I was going to post this for a looong time ago...)
Anyways, this is a decent picture of how i looked that day.

And this was what we ate. 

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