Okay, hum blogging isn't my thing really. So hm, what's new? Well I have made my jeans into jeansshorts, cut the tshirt into tank tops and yeah.. well.. made plans with Emma for this weekend.  Spending too much time reading fanfics and  cuddled with my dog, played dragonvale instead of studying, skipped school two out of three days this week, had trouble with my new oneshot.. yeah boring  things like that, i guess my life isn't worth blogging about ._. 

Second hand haul

So I've been shopping today, with Emma. 

I fucking love second hand. I got five pair of jeans, three t-shirts, a clock, a pair of sunglasses,  and a belt for 200 SEK ( ~29,73 USD)
I'm going to cut all the jeans into jeans shorts, and the t-shirts to tank tops. I'm totally in loooove with the white pair of jeans.

Oh and also, we bought a chihuahua this wednesday, she is sooo cute I'm going to die, anyways she came home to us today. Isn't she cute?

Omg I have missed this ice cream! I ate them all the time when i was little

My Daim Latte and Emma's Smoothie. I usally doesn't like latte of coffee but this one was so yummy!
And this was some korean handmade cookie dad came home with, it tasted.. like digestive kex.

Hey angel you duh sexay

Hej, hello, hi, konnichiwaaa. Long time no see. Well this week have been soooooo fun and sooo exiting and I've done so much thing this week i barely could keep it up. haha lol no. I've done nothing, nothing, nuffiiiiing at all. Well I regret nothing.  We have had a week off from school so yeah.  
Anyways, later i'm going to Dinas place, we're probably going to... eat... and... stuff.. eat.. and watch tv.. 

Hm what else.. Well my skin is drier than the fucking sahara dessert, long story. 

Uhm,  I think I'll wait and uptate tomorrow or when I'm back home from Dina.. 
( uhm.. okay I was going to post this for a looong time ago...)
Anyways, this is a decent picture of how i looked that day.

And this was what we ate. 

Alone and lonely

There is a difference between being alone and being lonely.  

I love being alone and I find it peacefull. I don't know why, but maybe it's because I can do whatever I want without anybody seeing me, judging me or looking at me. Being alone therefore only means that you're doing what you want to do alone, when you feel like it.  I can do whatever I want when I'm alone, read a book, write, just think about life and it's complications, and I can do all that when i feel like doing it.  I really look forward to my alone time, just because when I'm alone I can do whatever i want. 

Being lonely however is a whole different thing to me. I can be in a room crowded with people and yet being lonely. Loneliness itself is a horrible experience because I feel like I'm all alone in the world with no one, not even when I want to have someone. It doesn't matter if I'm in a room full of people, I feel lonely even there. 
Being lonely in a crowded room is devastating, I actually had this incident in school when I sat with my friend, by the computer and the room got fuller and fuller and fuller, all the people talked and it all was like a but cloud of murmur to me, I felt downright lonely, and all the murmur made me dizzy and i just wanted to get away from there. 

So to me, alone and lonely is two completely diffrent things.