Second hand haul

So I've been shopping today, with Emma. 

I fucking love second hand. I got five pair of jeans, three t-shirts, a clock, a pair of sunglasses,  and a belt for 200 SEK ( ~29,73 USD)
I'm going to cut all the jeans into jeans shorts, and the t-shirts to tank tops. I'm totally in loooove with the white pair of jeans.

Oh and also, we bought a chihuahua this wednesday, she is sooo cute I'm going to die, anyways she came home to us today. Isn't she cute?

Omg I have missed this ice cream! I ate them all the time when i was little

My Daim Latte and Emma's Smoothie. I usally doesn't like latte of coffee but this one was so yummy!
And this was some korean handmade cookie dad came home with, it tasted.. like digestive kex.

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